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Insect Screens

No modern home can do without an insect screen.

 Despite the perfection of the relevant appliances, fresh air intake and regular airing of the room are necessary. However, mosquitoes and other insects coming inside through open windows can create discomfort for residents and scare kids. Our fine mesh screens effectively protect premises against insects, but at the same time they allow air to pass through. Stop worrying about bites and itching - enjoy the coolness of the evening, oxygenate your home and refresh your rooms.

Framed Insect Screens

It is a popular structure that is mounted outside the frames. It is very easy to remove and install such screen back unassisted.

Hinged Insect Screens

A screen door that opens and closes easily. If necessary, it can be removed in a few minutes.

Intra-Framed Insect Screens

A light screen, which is placed inside the frame and attached to the seal with special swivel devices.

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