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Imzo Hebe-schiebe

The whole world spreading before the eyes

The Whole World Spreading Before the Eyes

Window or wall? Having chosen the IMZO Hebe Schiebe item, there is no need to hesitate between a protected room and a bright room. Have a floor-to-ceiling window, add a transparent floor-to-ceiling window door, and enjoy the beautiful view and the atmosphere of lightness.

Main Features*

Thermal insulation


Noise isolation


Light transmission


*In comparison with the other models of window systems of Imzo for June of 2018

Tightness and Reliability

All fittings, support and guide rollers, latches and locks are made of high-quality stainless steel. Due to the sealing system and the unique design of the profile system, Imzo Hebe Schiebe is 100% sealed, and its many year work is guaranteed.

  • Profile typeAluminum
  • Profile seriesWarm
  • Thickness of the profile wall 1-1,5-1,8 mm
  • Mounting plane 145 mm
  • Maximum height of the wing 3000 mm
  • Maximum width of the wing 6000 mm
  • Thickness of the insulated glass unit 20-32 mm
  • Cover Anodizing, colors RAL, Lamination, Vacuum, 3DZ
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