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Окно из алюминиевого профиля

Imzo Termo 78

Impressive durability and strength

Endurance and thoughness

Thermal insulation


Noise isolation


Light transmission


*In comparison with the other models of window systems of Imzo for June of 2018

Embodiment of Reliability

Having windows of the Engelberg 78 exclusive profile installed in your home, you will always enjoy warmth and brightness. Unsurpassed thermal and light transmission capabilities of structures in this series will allow realizing your boldest dreams.

Strong Structure

The solid ‘warm’ profile allows the assembly of a triple glazed window unit with improved thermal insulation performance. In addition, it has a positive effect on the window soundproofing, so outside noise is significantly reduced. This window design covers everything: an innovative arrangement of the chambers, an insulated glass unit filled with argon and energy-saving glass, a modern complete set of imported fittings, which makes blowing in impossible.

Customized Design
Reliable Fittings

The Engelberg 78 model is the example of the style. Paying special attention to the strength of the window structure, we use only high-quality, premium class fittings.

Comfortable in Any Weather

An insulated glass unit with enhanced energy-saving properties is generally chosen when a high level of soundproofing is required, for example, if the house is located near an airfield, a railway station, or other noisy places. It is considered the warmest (its heat insulating properties is 30-50% higher) and sound-insulating glass unit. Due to the use of I-glass technology, one sheet of glass in the unit is covered with a thin i-coating that transmits light and heat radiation from the sun and reflects heat energy from the heating units back into the room.

  • Profile typeAluminum
  • Profile seriesWarm
  • Number of chambers 3
  • Thickness of the profile wall 1,4 mm
  • Mounting plane 78 mm
  • Maximum height of the wing 3000 mm
  • Maximum width of the wing 1000 mm
  • Thickness of the insulated glass uni 20-32 mm
  • Cover Anodizing, colors RAL, Lamination, Vacuum, 3DZ
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