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Окно из алюминиевого профиля

Imzo Champion

Maximum functionality and aesthetics for your business

Cold Glazing

Aluminum frames without a thermal bridge poorly retain heat, and the low installation depth of the profile made of aluminum does not allow installing insulated glass units. One sheet glazing fails to protect against heat loss. As a result, the Imzo Champion system is not suitable for glazing in residential buildings in cold climates. IMZO Champion is the utility and laconism for non-residential premises.

Main Features*

Thermal insulation


Noise isolation


Light transmission


*In comparison with the other models of window systems of Imzo for June of 2018

Euro Groove

A series of the Imzo Champion profiles equipped with the fitting Euro Groove makes it possible to install common fittings and manufacture windows and partitions of various types of opening: swivel, tilt-and-turn, top-hung, bottom-hung ones that open inwards.

Light and Functional

Aluminum frames have significantly less weight, they are easier to install and do not require the preparation of solid support. If desired, the aluminum structure can be installed directly on the metal fencing of a balcony. This system is also used for summer structures: sheltered sheds, verandas and terraces.

  • Profile typeAluminum
  • Profile seriesCold
  • Thickness of the profile wall 1,1 mm
  • Mounting plane 47 mm
  • Maximum height of the wing 2700 mm
  • Maximum width of the wing 1000 mm
  • Thickness of the insulated glass unit20 mm
  • Cover Anodizing, colors RAL, Lamination, Vacuum, 3DZ
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