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Imzo Trio 60

Balance between reliability, simplicity and comfort

Imzo Trio 60 Energy Saving

We used years proven designs in conjunction with modern engineering solutions – strengthened reinforced profile, an insulated glass unit filled with argon and energy-saving glass with a heat-reflecting coating. The Imzo Trio model is a combination of classic design and stunning performance parameters. This is the window which makes your home become truly comfortable.

Main Features*

Thermal insulation


Noise isolation


Light transmission


*In comparison with other models of window systems of Imzo for June 2018

Class "А" Profile

In addition to excellent exterior, the structures of the IMZO TRIO 60 series have remarkable performance in terms of heat retention and protection against outer noise. The main advantages of this profile series are the wall thickness of 2.8 mm, as well as the ability to install an additional sealing contour to facilitate reducing energy loss and saving money in the long run. Having such windows installed, you protect your home from drafts, cold, moisture, and the heat of the sun.

More Light, Less Noise

The Imzo Trio model is a window with a low combination of the wing and case profile, which has led to the increased light opening. Indicators of light transmission as compared with a conventional window are much higher and reach 72%


We use the maximum opportunities for interior decoration. Imzo Trio with LifeLike® lamination technology is able to highlight and complement the boldest design ideas. Everyone will be able to find an option that best fits the style of the room.

Imzo Trio 60 Performance Indicators

— Structural profile with 3 chambers and 1.4 mm reinforcement;

— The insulated glass unit filled with argon and i-glass with a heat-reflecting coating for effective thermal protection;

— Triple sealing contour.

  • Profile typePVC
  • Серия профиляWarm
  • Profile series 3
  • Thickness of the profile wall 2,8 mm
  • Mounting plane 60 mm
  • Maximum height of the wing 1800 mm
  • Maximum width of the wing 800 mm
  • Thickness of the insulated glass unit 20 mm
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