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Engelberg 76

Maximum comfort with no compromise

For Those Who Choose the Best

The Engelberg 76 profiles combine premium class materials, special design and modern styling. The new line of windows creates comfort, making your home light, cozy and quiet. Due to the Swiss production standards, Engelberg 76 has been working smoothly for decades. We guarantee the quality! This solution is for those who do not like compromise in home improvement.

Main Features*

Thermal insulation


Noise isolation


Light transmission


*In comparison with the other window system models of the Imzo company for june of 2018

At the Heart of the «Quiet» Window

The unique six-chamber design prevents outside noise from coming inside and protects your privacy from curious neighbours. High class noise isolation will give you and your family a good sleep, a quiet home, and a tranquil life.

Effective Multiple Glazed Window Unit

Due to a 32 mm two-chamber insulated glass unit filled with argon, the Engelberg 76 windows successfully suppress increased noise, because argon has better thermal insulation and viscosity than ordinary air.

Filling glazed window units with argon: increases the level of thermal insulation (15-30%); increases the level of sound insulation; increases the service life of the insulated units, as well as energy saving.

Maximum Performance Indicators
  • — Solid walls of Class “A“ profile with a thickness of 2.8 mm;
  • — 6-chamber profile with a unique arrangement of chambers;
  • — Multiple glazed window unit filled with argon and i-glass * with a heat-reflecting coating for effective thermal protection;
  • — Additional third seal contour.
Sleek Appearance

Create your own unique window design with modern shades of LifeLike wood. Choose stylish windows!

  • Profile typePVC
  • Profile seriesWarm
  • Number of chambers 6
  • Thickness of the profile wall 2,8 мм
  • Mounting plane 76 мм
  • Maximum height of the wing 2300 mm
  • Maximum width of the wing 1000 mm
  • Thickness of the insulated glass unit 32 mm
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